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Load in a Web3 browser

Pick one:

MetamaskTrust WalletBread WalletCoinbase Wallet

Privacy note: we recommend using a new Ethereum wallet for Orchid that is not linked to other Ethereum products or services you use. (learn more)



Add at least $4 USD of OXT and $1 USD of ETH into your web3 browser.

  • $4 of OXT is estimated to provide 60 GBs of VPN service
  • $1 of ETH should be enough for 2-3 transactions (learn more)

We recommend buying OXT using a large exchange for transaction privacy (learn more). Buy OXT and ETH right now on Coinbase.


Get a Signer Key

Google Play
  • Copy your Ethereum address from your web3 browser to your clipboard
  • Open the app. Tap “New Hop” and then “Orchid Hop”
  • Paste in your Ethereum address
  • Generate a new signer key, save your hop, and then copy it to your clipboard

Create your Orchid account


Start exploring freely!

On the Orchid app’s main screen, switch the toggle in the top right to “on” to enable Orchid on your device and activate your configured hops. That’s it! You’re ready to start exploring freely.
Stay curious out there!

Where to get OXT

If you see OXT being traded on an exchange that isn’t listed here, please use the contact form to let us know, so that it can be added to our list.

Exchange Listings


OXT Contract on Ethereum


Got more questions?

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